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i’m not a part of this harem but am i allowed to scoop u?

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then I’m scooping Kat

I’m just a kid and life is a nightmare.
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She just stared for the longest time.

OMG…I love this. This is important.

v important! representation matters more than words can express
but this picture about sums it up :)




She just stared for the longest time.

OMG…I love this. This is important.

v important! representation matters more than words can express

but this picture about sums it up :)



So, I have this new fanfic (tasertricks - Loki x Darcy) I’d like to share. So, if is not asking much, could you guys read its first chapter’s first draw and say what you think? :)

To Catch a Midgardian

It should have been simpler. Really.

Because, well, she had her major degree in…

I’m definitley interested!! You should continue, it was well written, give or take a few typos and you have this way of writing in humor and keeping it serious and idk I like you sir/madam and I love this so far :D

Oh dear God. Thank you!
And I will reread and edit this. Asgahgags thank you!


Next Marvel movie just a wacky road-trip comedy about Darcy and Mjolnir. Thor left it behind at the lab or apartment, and she just picks Mjolnir up not knowing she shouldn’t be able to.

As they drive to meet up with Jane and Thor they get into silly side adventures….




Dear Doctor Who blog,

How do I become a TRUE Doctor Who fan? I’m low on cash, can’t watch it on the Internet, and can’t draw characters very well. What can I do to show my dedication to the great show it is, and let others know as well? Thank you!


Just sending us…

Besides doctor who, what is the best time-travel story ever told?

A few spoilers from Julie's interview with TVLINE


"TVLINE | I have to ask: Is there a chance Damon and Bonnie will like where they are? Is it almost heaven-like?
Ooh, well… I can tell you this: Where they are is part of the mystery of the beginning of the season. It’s not torturous, but it’s by no means a roller coaster…

So… She DOES know Elena’s fucked up then. Interesting.

"I still maintain that he kicked himself in the balls."

I pity kids from nowadays. With their biebers and directions they’ll never know how good it was like to be a teenager in the early 00s and have all that punk/gothic/hardcore anger to listen to.

You are a - Dark Elf (wut?!)
Your weapon - Hammer (YES!)
You work for - Stark Industries
Best friend - Phill Coulson 
Lover-  Bucky Barnes ;)
Saves you - Phill Coulson (best bff ever)
Crushing on you - Steve Rogers (dude, I’m dating your best friend) 
Enemy - Loki (NOOOOO!)
Kills you - Tony Stark (damn it boss)

(I couldn’t help it)

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So, I have this new fanfic (tasertricks - Loki x Darcy) I’d like to share. So, if is not asking much, could you guys read its first chapter’s first draw and say what you think? :)

To Catch a Midgardian

It should have been simpler. Really.

Because, well, she had her major degree in Political Sciences now. And, who would have guessed, working with worldly-famous physicists who happened to be involved in a series of recent alien-related events granted her a job offer from CNN. Politics analyst, in Washington DC.

It should have been simpler, indeed. But it wasn’t.

Because a certain governmental agency couldn’t allow someone who “had witnessed so many confidential issues”, as they said, to work for a private company. Specially one that broadcasts news.

So Darcy found herself being dragged by men in suits to a secluded room in the airport at the precise moment she should be getting onboard to her new life.

She was then gently informed that they - S.H.I.E.L.D., if you’re wondering - had already taken care of everything: an email was sent to her new (former?) employer declining the offer, from her own gmail account. And she had spent 20 minutes putting together a damned 13 characters password for that shit. Also the apartment she rented in Washington had been canceled - and since it had been so sudden, she would lost her first deposit, unfortunately.

She could choose, though. Accept the offer to work for them - after all, S.H.I.E.L.D. was a political entity, and she could be helpful to them somehow - or go on and try to get another job by herself, knowing very well that they would sabotage it if they thought it presented any threats to their “secrets.”

Let’s just say that moving across the country isn’t any cheap. And you can get a little carried away when you think you have a guaranteed, well-paying job in the horizon. That, and Darcy’s student loans, plus the fact that her teeny tiny apartment in New Mexico had already been rented to someone else and she had to leave by the end of that week, had her asking for a 24 hours spam before giving S.H.I.E.L.D. her final answer (which was a big fat “yes” from the first second, she just wanted to keep some dignity).

And here she was, finally, with her butt again sat on a chair for a boring class. At least, she tried to convince herself, attending to the “academy” granted her a place to stay while receiving the training for her new full-time paying job.

And, according to Agent Maria Hill, the dental care was good.

So she sighed and watched as some onesie-wearing nerd lectured about a dude called Howard Stark and his part in the creation of the agency they all were now a part of. Boring.

It was ridiculous. The two guards dragging him across the throne room should demonstrate a little respect. Even though Loki was now considered a criminal, he was a King, for goodness sake. The legitimate, though exiled, king of Jotunheim, and second in line for the throne of Asgard. Which, if one considered Thor’s reckless heroic behavior that could lead him to a premature and violent death, and his nonexistent interest in ruling, was the same as to say Loki were the only heir to the throne of Asgard as well.

Throne before which he had then been dropped by the guards, regardless of his heritage. Odin’s one-eyed stare found Loki on his knees. Oh, the irony.

"Loki Odinson, you have been found guilty of treason against Asgard. Of tentatively slaving an entire realm. Of the murder of near one hundred midgardians and the king of Jotunheim, Laufey, thus starting a war that could have devastated our entire planet, amongst other crimes." Odin sighed. Raising from his throne, he stared harder at Loki. "For those, and for I am fair, I shall condemn you to a thousand years on a dungeon. And, for your lifetime, you will no longer partake in royal issues. I deny you, my son, your title as a prince of this realm and all the rights this position has once granted you. If you have any say in your defense, although, you may speak now."

Loki wanted to tell him he didn’t need his “rights” as prince. He wanted to tell Odin he was no son of him, he had never been. He wanted to laugh at his sentence and make those arrogant asgardians who watched his trial shiver in their aristocratic sandals with his madness. But someone spoke before he could.

"Allfather!" Frigga walked inside the room in all her majesty. "My beloved, I suppose there was some misunderstanding as to why was I not informed about this.” Her open arms gestured around. Then she looked at the people standing in the room. “Leave, all of you. I demand a private conference with the king.” When the guards walked to grab Loki’s chains, she made them stop. “My son shall also stay. This is but a family matter.” Once all the others had left, she turned to her husband. “You were about to sentence Loki behind my back?”

Odin sat back in his throne, his one eye closing for a second before he spoke, in a sigh. “Frigga, my dearest, regardless of being his father, I am first and foremost the King of Asgard, and shall I remind you, the protector of the nine realms. Loki has committed crimes that are behind my power to forgive. It is my duty to punish him, and he will be punished.”

“No! Not like this.” Frigga raised her finger and approached Loki’s still knelt figure. “I have mourned my son for the last two years. I will not mourn him for another thousand. I do not deny his crimes, my king.” She caressed Loki’s hair. “But you, as did I, should acknowledge that we are also to be held accountable for what he has done. Great sin have we committed, my lord, by denying this child the truth concerning his birth. He was hurt, he was confused.” She turned her back at Odin to look at her son. “All you have done, my son, was seek for love. For an acceptation that you always had, but that we, as your parents, failed to demonstrate.” Again turning for Odin, she continued. “You will agree with me, just Allfather, that there is no fairness in punishing so severely the mistakes that you lead him into making. He shall be punished, indeed, but not with such harshness. I beg you, my husband, to speak another sentence.”

Odin snorted, massaging his forehead lightly with his thumb and index finger. Then he addressed his son. “You confirm what your mother says?”

Loki stared him dead in the eyes and spoke clearly, his voice reverberating against the walls. “No.”

Odin ducked his head to the side, analyzing him with interest. “Then it must be true, God of Lies.” He then addressed Frigga. “You win, my dearest. If love and acceptance are, as you say, what Loki searches, then love and acceptance shall be his new punishment.” He raised from the throne and hit the ground with the bottom of his sceptre, Gungnir. “Loki Odinson, you have disobeyed and treasoned your king. Through your ambition and lack of wisdom, you have brought war and death upon the nine realms.” Pointing Gungnir towards Loki’s chest, he watched as the wave of power lifted the God of Mischief from the ground, stripping him from his asgardian attire. “You are unworthy of this realm. Unworthy of your title. Unworthy of the loved ones you betrayed. I hereby take from you your powers, all your magic. I banish you to the realm you tried to conquer. There you shall stay until the day you find, from the ones you tried to enslave, what you could not find among your kin. In the name of my father, and of his father before, I cast you out!”

In a flash of light, Loki had disappeared.

Frigga, who had watched the Allfather speak the sentence with her mouth slightly open, sighed tiredly and let herself fall sitting by the steps leading to the throne. Odin looked at her smirking.

“Husband, I must thank you for accepting my words in this matter. Although, I feel also obligated to tell you that you are turning this punishment into a habit.